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 Trenton Housing Today

There are five developments of apartments at Trenton Housing.  All are located in Trenton City Limits.  Bedroom sizes range from one bedroom units to five bedroom units. They are designated for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons and Families.


What is Public Housing?


How does it work?


Public housing is governed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development or better known as (HUD). Rent is approximately 30% of your monthly income.  The procedure for determining eligibility for low income housing is as follows:

1. Print application, Fill it out, bring in or mail to 128 Burnett Drive, Trenton, TN  38382 (You may also pick an application up)

2. Wait for the Housing Authority to respond to your application

          You may be eligible and put on the waiting list or there may be more information needed.

3.  Once an apartment is ready and your name is up on the waiting list, the complete processing begins.

            Criminal background

            Credit Check

            Landlord References

            Personal References

            Application vs Findings on reports


4.  You are notified that an apartment is ready and your name is up on the list and an offer is made.


Trenton Housing is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Equal Housing Opportunity Organization.

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