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The Robert Sidney Phelan Education Center

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The Phelan Center is an important feature in the community.  It is well known and is the permanent location of the LEMAC (Let Everyone Make A Choice) afterschool and summer enrichment program. Its location has attracted community events and programs to help adults better their skills for higher paying jobs. 


The LEMAC program has been in operation since 1998 when it was a program tutoring students in vacant apartments throughout Trenton Housing.  Obtaining grant funding through sources such as the Department of Justice, Drug Free Communities, Tennessee LEAPS, Volunteer Tennessee, and the Federal grant  21st Century Community Learning Center program staff have enhanced the capacity and structure of the curriculums taught.  Students living in the Trenton area are enrolled each year and given educational and enrichment opportunities.  


The building was designed and established in 2013. A dedication was performed to our long time friend and commissioner Mr. Robert Sidney Phelan of Trenton. Each room is designed to reflect a different learning atmosphere.  Holding up to 150 students, the center has operated an after school and summer enrichment program for the students in grades K-8 living in or around the development of Bishop Martin.

Each classroom is dedicated to one of the commissioners who held a seat on the Trenton Housing Authority Board of Commissioners in 2013 when the building was completed and opened for the first time.

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We have added more to our THA Program


Science Experiments

Social Etiquette


Hands On Learning

Music - Drumming and more


Sand Art

Computer Skill Building


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