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Our first property is Lynnhurst Terrace.  Built in the early 1950's to house servicemen who had come home from the war,  this quaint community is quiet and shady.  It's old town charm makes living here a pleasant experience.  Family units and single units are available.  
Residents are free to come and go as they please.  Ample parking is available for residents.  This development is in walking distance to grocery shopping, convenient stores and the local electric and water company. 
Lynnhurst 2 2022.jpg

Lynnhurst Terrace

Booker 4 2022.jpg

Booker Holmes Community

This development  is   our 32 unit,  Booker Holmes community. It is conveniently situated in a  smaller community setting and is located downtown Trenton.  It is convenient for strolling to the pedestrian park or sight seeing and visiting the historic Gibson County Courthouse.
This community offers family units and single units.  It is a short distance from the shopping center and the Phelan Education Center.
​The units have washer and dryer hookups and are equipped with a refrigerator and stove.  They all have central heat and air so there is no need for a window unit.

Bishop Martin 2022.jpg

Bishop Martin Community

The Bishop Martin Community is home to  senior citizens, disabled persons and working families. It is in the perfect location to walk downtown or to attend the Phelan Education Center Activities.
​The red brick layout portrays the essence of community and is designed with an engaging friendly atmosphere. Each apartment unit is equipped with central heat and air conditioning, a stove, refrigerator and washer and dryer hookups.  They also include single storage buildings.  The development was completely renovated in the early 90's and offers an open landscape.  There are forty apartments with a mixture of one to five bedrooms.
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