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Rolling Meadows 2 2022.jpg

Rolling Meadows Community

The natural, home effect you receive as you enter our Rolling Meadows Community lets you know this is truly home to those who live here.  The thirty, one bedroom units are designated for senior and disabled citizens.  Throughout the development you will see how personalized each apartment  is with their individualized flower patterns and vegetable gardens.  There are 30 row houses and 18 family units. 

Green Acres 2 2022.jpg

Green Acres Community

Feeling as if you have landed in a country setting is our newest development, Green Acres.  Settled a little further from the downtown area, it offers fifty apartment units and has a friendly, open atmosphere.  There are quadruplexes and row homes nestled in a cove.  This development offers a more private setting and has more space for outside luxuries.

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